Use Cases

Microservices are a popular architectural pattern for cloud-based development and deployment, but managing them is complex.

Common Questions

If you're familiar with microservices, you've probably faced the following questions.

  • How do I know what services are running in my infrastructure?

  • How do I enable secure hybrid methodologies across multiple cloud and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments while leveraging existing on-prem investments?

  • How do I deploy and enforce common security models?

  • How do I avoid core function duplication (i.e. discoverability, scalability, observability, security, service level management, multinetwork fabric and data protection policies)?

  • How do I understand how my new and existing IT investments are being used?

Explore Grey Matter's solutions to these common use cases below.

Microservice instances have dynamically assigned network locations, and these locations change due to autoscaling, failures, and upgrades.

Grey Matter's service discovery capabilities manage complex network traffic and data. By removing network communication complexities and infrastructure concerns, your team can focus on writing next-gen services in a polyglot, cloud-agnostic environment.

Without Service Discovery

With Service Discovery

Bottlenecks due to frequent manual updates to load balancers as services scale up/down.

Improve operations by reducing lead time of connecting services from weeks to seconds without operator intervention.

High costs due to a proliferation of east-west load balancers.

Save money by eliminating the need for east-west load balancers to connect services.

Increased risk due to high probability of human errors and single points of failure introduced by load balancers.

Boost performance by lowering the probability of downtime introduced when managing and updating load balancers.

A service mesh is an infrastructure layer built into your application. It controls how parts of your app share data, and tracks these interactions so you can optimize communication and avoid downtime as your app grows. Unique service-level insight and control let you closely measure and manage business objectives.

Use a service mesh like Grey Matter to maximize network efficiency, free developers to innovate, and harness data to enable AIOps.

Modernize your applications and gain business insights with Grey Matter.

Grey Matter supports the scaling of containers, microservices, and serverless architectures, and the dashboard will help you optimize infrastructure, application performance and business outcomes. Grey Matter takes advantage of your network's data through the innovative application of neural net AI designed to enhance traditional network and application performance. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities, and enable predictive network operational monitoring and automated response.

While traditional security models rely on location-based trust, Grey Matter's zero-trust model provides trust for all access requests regardless of location. It enforces adaptive controls and verifies trust on an ongoing basis.

Trust levels adapt to your evolving business. Our zero-trust approach helps prevent unauthorized access, contain breaches, and helps reduce the risk of an attacker's lateral movement.


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