Traffic Control

Traffic control relates to how ingress and egress is managed throughout the mesh. Grey Matter offers a wide variety of traffic control mechanisms to support an extensive range of deployments. The following pages detail how to configure traffic control and its use cases within Grey Matter:

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Learn about how Grey Matter routing works, as well as how to configure routing and rewrite rules.

Load Balancing

Configure load balancing techniques for multiple hosts in one cluster.

Traffic Splitting

Manage the amount of traffic sent to each cluster for each route on the sidecar.

Route Forwarding

Route traffic to different cluster based on request metadata such as headers, cookies, and URI parameters.

Host Identification for Upstream Connections

Configure TLS connections to require different host names for TLS connections and reaching hosts behind a load balancer.


Connect two distinct meshes using Grey Matter API objects.

Header Manipulation

Manipulate request/response headers of mesh traffic.

Protocol Selection

Specify traffic protocols in the mesh.