Inline Documentation

The Grey Matter Application has built-in support for rendering inline OpenAPI documentation v2 - v3. Services configured with an inline documentation specification will render an "API Documentation" tab across historical and instance views.

Service with inline OpenAPI Specification rendering

Enable inline documentation

To enable inline documentation rendering, the Grey Matter Application must be deployed with the ENABLE_INLINE_DOCS environment variable set to true. This will activate the "API Documentation" tab within the UI.

To configure the endpoint where API specifications will be pulled, update the service's apiSpecEndpoint field on its catalog_cluster object using the greymatter CLI. This field can either be a relative path or a fully qualified URL.

greymatter edit catalog_cluster example_service

In the open editor window, set the apiSpecEndpoint to a relative path like the example below.

"clusterName": "example-service",
"zoneName": "default-zone",
"name": "Example Service",
"version": "1.0",
"owner": "Decipher",
"capability": "Example",
"apiSpecEndpoint": "/services/example-service/docs"