Business Impact

The Business Impact section allows users to easily define the importance of a service is to their business. Services can be searched, filtered, and grouped by business impact on the main dashboard page. To set a business impact, simply click the desired level on the header.

The Business Impact of a service can be set to:

  1. Critical

  2. High

  3. Medium

  4. Low

Business Impact Setting

NOTE: If you are unable to successfully set a new business impact or unable to click on a level, this means that you're not authorized to do so, or that the dashboard is unable to communicate with the Grey Matter Catalog Service.

Using the CLI

Business impact can also be set with the greymatter CLI. Do this by modifying the businessImpact field of a service's catalog_cluster to the desired level. For example, to set the slo service's business impact to "high", open the catalog_cluster for editing.

greymatter edit catalog_cluster slo

Then, in the open editor window set "businessImpact": "high". Your final object will look like the one below. Exit the editor to save the change.

"apiEndpoint": "services/slo/latest/",
"apiSpecEndpoint": "/services/slo/latest/",
"businessImpact": "high",
"capability": "Sense",
"clusterID": "",
"clusterName": "slo",
"description": "Grey Matter Service Level Objectives (SLOs) allows users to manage objectives towards service-level agreements.",
"documentation": "/services/slo/latest/",
"enableHistoricalMetrics": true,
"enableInstanceMetrics": true,
"externalLinks": [],
"maxInstances": 1,
"meshID": "",
"metricsPort": 8081,
"metricsTemplate": "",
"minInstances": 1,
"name": "Grey Matter Service Level Objectives",
"owner": "Decipher",
"ownerURL": "",
"prometheusJob": "slo",
"runtime": "GO",
"version": "1.2.0",
"zoneName": "zone-default-zone"