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Architecture and Design

Is the Grey Matter Proxy different from the Grey Matter Sidecar?

Sort of. Here are the differences:

The Sidecar is a Grey Matter Proxy, but the Proxy can be implemented in other ways as well.

Where can I find examples of building applications that function within Grey Matter?

Grey Matter has few restrictions on applications and microservices. If an application is accessible via REST or gRPC, it likely can function in the Grey Matter Mesh. You can find microservice template generators via the Grey Matter SDK which can provide working examples of GO-based microservices that support both REST and gRPC.

Does Grey Matter require certain user process resource limits?

The default ulimits are usually enough for Grey Matter, but you should monitor your own environment's needs and find the root of excess resource use before increasing the limits.

What is the per-key value size limitation for Grey Matter's key/value store?

Data Management

What is Grey Matter’s retention policy of historical metrics?

Grey Matter stores metrics in Prometheus for long-term aggregation and analysis. This data store remains in the customer's environment: it is neither stored nor used by Decipher outside of the deployed environment.

Is Grey Matter eventually or strongly consistent?

Performance and Load Balancing

How fast is Grey Matter?

I set up health checking. When I fail some hosts, Grey Matter starts routing to all of them again. Why?

Why is RR load balancing uneven?

How do I disable circuit breaking?

How do I deal with transient failures?

circuit breaking


retries in gRPC services

outlier detection


Where do I get the binaries?

You can find Grey Matter binaries and tar files in our Nexus repository.


How do I configure Grey Matter as an Edge Proxy?

See our service deployment guide for details.

How do I configure SNI?

How do I configure zone aware routing?

Grey Matter configuration on the source service

Grey Matter configuration on the destination service

infrastructure setup

verification steps

How do I configure flow control?

How do I configure timeouts?



What network ports does Grey Matter use?

Does Grey Matter provide deployment templates for my infrastructure?

Yes! We have deployment templates available for strategies on a variety of platforms. Depending on your needs, these templates may be a complete solution or form a solid foundation for your architecture.

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