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Route Object


A route matches the URI portion of the incoming request and route traffic to different shared_rules. This allows requests to routes like /api/v1 and /api/v2 to end up at entirely different hosts if desired. The routes objects support matching, prefix rewriting, and redirection of requests.


  • Path matching
  • Prefix Rewriting
  • Redirect
  • Routing Rules
  • Retry Policies

Example Object

  "zone_key": "default-zone",    
  "domain_key": "catalog",    
  "route_key": "catalog-route",    
  "path": "/services/catalog/1.0",    
  "prefix_rewrite": "/",    
  "redirects": null,    
  "shared_rules_key": "catalog-shared-rules",    
  "rules": null,    
  "response_data": {},    
  "cohort_seed": null,    
  "retry_policy": null

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