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Greymatter Sense

Configuration for the Sense Application

Configuration Variables

The greymatter Sense Application is configurable with the following env vars.

  • BASE_URL(String, default: "/") - Base url where app will be deployed.
  • CONFIG_SERVER(String, default: "http://localhost:5555/v1.0/") - Configuration server endpoint.
  • EXPOSE_SOURCE_MAPS(Boolean) - Allow source maps in production
  • FABRIC_SERVER(String, default: "http://localhost:1337/services/discovery-service/1.0/") - Exposed route for Fabric server.
  • OBJECTIVES_SERVER(String, default: "http://localhost:1337/services/catalog-service/1.0/") - Exposed route for Objectives server.
  • PROMETHEUS_SERVER(String, default: "http://localhost:1337/services/prometheus/2.3/api/v1/") - Exposed route for Prometheus server.
  • HIDE_EXTERNAL_LINKS(String) - Hide social links in the app footer.
  • USE_PROMETHEUS(Boolean, default: true) - Use prometheus to query service level metrics.
  • SENSE_SERVER(String, default: "http://localhost:1337/services/sense/latest/") - Exposed route for Sense server.
  • ENABLE_SENSE(Boolean) - Sense feature toggle.

If TLS is enabled, paths to CA, certificate, and private key are required.

  • SERVER_SSL_ENABLED(Boolean) - Accept client connections over TLS only.
  • SERVER_SSL_CA(String) - Path to client trust file. Requires TLS.
  • SERVER_SSL_CERT(String) - Path to x509 certificate
  • SERVER_SSL_KEY(String) - Path to private key.