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TCP listener configuration


Any number of listener objects are attached to each proxy or Sidecar, to receive incoming traffic. Their main use is to specify the address, port, and protocol that will be used to receive incoming requests. A Sidecar can have as many Listeners created as is needed, though at least one listener must exist or it will not be able to receive any traffic.


  • Static or dynamic instances
  • Circuit breakers
  • Health Checks
  • Outlier Detection
  • Outgoing SSL configuration
    • Directly via SSL certs on disk
    • Through SPIFFE/SPIRE and Envoy SDS

Example Object

    "zone_key": "default-zone",
    "listener_key": "catalog-listener",
    "domain_keys": ["catalog"],
    "name": "catalog",
    "ip": "",
    "port": 9080,
    "protocol": "http_auto",
    "tracing_config": null

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