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Configure Audit Application

Configuration for the greymatter Audit Application

Configuration Variables

The Audit Application is configurable with the following env vars.

  • BASE_PATH(String, default: "/services/audits") - Base path the application is served up from. This is required to resolve static assets and other relative paths of the web application.
  • ES_HOST(String, default: "") - Hostname or IP address to the Elasticsearch instance where audit events are stored.
  • ES_USER(String, default: "elastic") - Elasticsearch basic authentication username.
  • ES_PASSWORD(String, default: "") - Elasticsearch basic authentication password.
  • ES_INDEX(String, default: "gm-audits*") - Index pattern used to query audit documents in Elasticsearch.
  • ES_EDGE_TOPIC(String, default: "edge") - Topic that is used to query edge proxy audits distinctly from other service sidecar audits. By default this value matches the value of the edge key in greymatter-core inputs.cue.
  • ES_TIMESTAMP_KEY(String, default: "timestamp") - Configurable key to support different timestamp keys in Elasticsearch.
  • TITLE(String, default: "Audits") - Custom title that will display in the sidebar header and browser tab.
  • LOGO_BASE64(String, default: "") - Base64 encoded string representation of a logo which will be rendered in the sidebar and browser favicon.
  • ENABLE_STATIC_ASSET_FILTER(Boolean, default: true) - Option to enable the capability of filtering out static assets from HTTP request queries. This relies on ElasticSearch v1.13.0 or greater.