A retry policy is a way for the Grey Matter Sidecar or Edge to automatically retry a failed request on behalf of the client. This is mostly transparent to the client; they will only get the status and return of the final request attempted (failed or succeeded). The only effects they should see from a successful retry is a longer average request time and fewer failures.

Example object

"num_retries": 2,
"per_try_timeout_msec": 60000,
"timeout_msec": 60000



This is the max number of retries attempted. Setting this field to N will cause up to N retries to be attempted before returning a result to the user.
Setting to 0 means only the original request will be sent and no retries are attempted. A value of 1 means the original request plus up to 1 retry will be sent, resulting in potentially 2 total requests to the server. A value of N will result in up to N+1 total requests going to the service.


This is the timeout for each retry. The retry attempts can have longer or shorter timeouts than the original request. However, if the per_try_timeout_msec is too long, it is possible that not all retries will be attempted as it would violate the timeout_msec field.


This is the total timeout for the entire chain: initial request + all timeouts. This should typically be set large enough to accommodate the request and all retries desired.
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