Design Principles

Explore Grey Matter's design principles.

Grey Matter is a zero-trust hybrid mesh platform built using open architecture and mesh app and service architecture (MASA) principles.

Each microservice within Grey Matter runs and scales independently to improve secure interoperations, resiliency, continuity of operations, and insight for your business. Our omnichannel support provides rich, fluid, and dynamic connections between people, content, devices, processes, and services.

Combine Grey Matter with today’s languages and powerful frameworks to write business services faster than ever.

Core Architectural Principles

Our core architecture principles support the following business needs.


Designed to operate using a zero-trust threat model to ensure each service running within a Grey Matter enabled hybrid mesh is appropriately secured, observed, and managed.


Enable on-premise, multi-cloud, and multi-platform as a service (PaaS) runtime environments.


Built with elasticity, high availability, and cloud computing models in mind - provides a unified mesh platform to build applications as microservices, utilize container management solutions, and dynamically orchestrate workloads across hybrid enterprise.


Provides a solid foundation to scale with the growth of your business. Enabling modern architectural patterns supporting rapid increase or decrease in traffic volume, maintaining business insight for effectiveness and efficiency, and aiding in the reduction of bottlenecks when the time matters.


Modular service delivery - enabling loosely coupled systems and services developed independent of each other, taking advantage of continuous delivery to achieve reliability and faster time to market.


Creates a secure unified zero-trust network fabric, allowing systems to interchangeably serve or receive services from other systems providing enterprises the ability to perform multi-environment segmentation and observe traffic flows between environments. Managed through a runtime environment agnostic Grey Matter Control API.


Able to react to digital business changes, providing a pathway enabling business insight, security, and connectivity across multiple environments reducing complexities while increasing and facilitating a business's digital transformation journey.


Use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques simplifying and assisting a user experience while providing business insight and fleet wide management across Grey Matter connected resources.


Integration into any ecosystems and end-to-end automation through the lifecycle of the mesh app and service architecture.


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