Core Features

Get a high-level view of Grey Matter's features.

Grey Matter Fabric

Fabric is the master control plane for Grey Matter, and helps microservices focus on specific tasks.

Explore how Fabric works within Grey Matter's architecture, or configure Fabric now.

Oversight and Visibility

Fabric's user-operated dashboard helps visualize and manage the service mesh. The dashboard provides the following features:

  • Status, owner, capability, and business value sortability

  • Fine-grained search targeting every microservice on the mesh

  • Aggregate service reporting for all service instances spawned atop the mesh

  • API Registry and Edge Node

  • Real-Time Service Instance Reporting, to include:

    • Summary View

    • Metrics Explorer

      • Service and route-level performance measurements

      • Request and response status codes, counts, and in and out throughput

      • Percentile statistics

      • Latency

  • Sidecar filters to surface security, observable events, and service metrics, including:

    • OAuth

    • TLS Mutual Authentication and Impersonation

    • Access Control Whitelist and Blacklist Lists

Learn more about Grey Matter's service discovery features.

Network Operations Management and Business Intelligence

Grey Matter offers the following network operations and business intelligence activities:

  • User-defined service and route level management and objective capture for:

    • Aggregated Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

      • memory, CPU, latency, error and request rates

    • Aggregated route-level objectives (latency, error and request rate)

    • Violation monitoring

  • Service and route level aggregation analysis views providing pertinent historical data for ephemeral nodes and performance measurements

  • User-determined business impact assessment and value reporting per service and route overlaid against actual service mesh performance

  • Microservice fleet-wide Policy Management and Enforcement

  • Intelligent Routing and Resiliency, to include:

    • Advanced Load Balancing for ephemeral services

    • Intelligent Routing (A/B tests, canary deployments, etc.)

    • Resiliency (timeouts, retries, circuit breakers, bulkheads, etc.)

  • Active and Passive Health Checks

Read more about Grey Matter's business insight capabilities here.

Security and Access Control

Each microservice requires its own data access point and generates its own data, creating a lot of complexity in the network. Grey Matter governs data access management with fine-grained access policy creation and management.

Fabric's sidecar proxies run alongside each microservice to manage network requirements such as scaling, access control, and intercommunication. Its security and access control features include:

  • Service-to-service and end-user authentication

    • Mutual TLS and Fine-Grained Access Policies

    • FIPS 140-2 (BoringSSL can be built in a FIPS-compliant mode)

    • Certificate Verification

  • Access Logging (standard output [stdout]), Kafka via observables

Learn more about Grey Matter's security policies here.

Compatibility and Interoperability

Grey Matter is compatible with the following technologies:

  • Istio Compatible Sidecar

    • Beta features (Istio Control Plane, Citadel, Pilot, Mixer, etc.)

  • Consul Compatible Sidecar

  • AWS Cloudwatch Integration

  • Go SDK for Envoy

  • OAuth integration

  • Support for telemetry storage in Prometheus

  • Service Discovery supporting:

    • ZooKeeper

    • Istio

    • Consul

  • Configuration Inject (Docker, K8s)

  • HTTP/2 and GRPC support

  • Multi-cluster (alpha)

  • Support for multiple deployment environments, including:

    • On-Premise

    • AWS

    • Kubernetes

    • OpenShift

    • DC/OS Mesosphere

    • Cloud Foundry (alpha)

    • Microsoft Azure (alpha)

    • IBM Cloud (alpha)

Grey Matter Data

Data and Content Transfer and Distribution

Grey Matter Data is a Data Distribution Network (DDN) that provides data and content capture, store, sync, cache, move and share of any kind, to and from consumers and services anywhere.

Data's Features

Data's features include:

  • Immutable, timestamped fact database

  • JWT-based authentication and authorization

  • High-performance, user-defined security policy

  • Obscured fine-grained access control labels

  • File expiration and deletion

  • Lineage tracking

  • Event-sourced transactions

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting features

  • Relative paths

  • Range requests

  • Bulk upload

  • Content encryption

  • Offline, rejoin, and merge support

  • Eventual consistency

No other service mesh offering on the market today matches the breadth of metrics capture provided by Grey Matter.

Grey Matter Sense

Finally, the direct and atmospheric telemetry generated by this constant flow of data is fed to Sense, our experimental machine learning-enabled AI layer. We designed Sense to automate and optimize enterprise network operations, cutting resource expenditures at machine speed.

Sense's Features

Sense's features include:

  • Catalog

  • Service Level Objectives

  • Intelligence 360

  • Business Impact

All Together

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