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Get Started with Grey Matter

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This guide will help you install and set up the Grey Matter CLI.

Learn how to install Grey Matter locally on a single EC2 instance for use in service development.

This guide assumes you have an AWS account and know how to use it to provision an instance (though nothing precludes the user from adapting these instructions to a similar cloud instance running on, e.g., Azure).

Use this guide to deploy a new service into Grey Matter.

To do so, you should already have a Grey Matter deployment ready and accessible as a result of following the quickstart deployment training to create a personal EC2 running Grey Matter with Minikube.

The purpose of this guide is to help you deploy a multi-mesh environment.

Learn how to configure Grey Matter in this step-by-step guide.

This guide assumes you have Grey Matter running on your own EC2 instance, and have completed Grey Matter installation training and service deployment training.

Need help troubleshooting? Look no further. We've gathered and documented common user issues here.

New to Grey Matter?

Step through our guides in the following order:

  1. Install the Grey Matter CLI

  2. Install Grey Matter Locally

  3. Deploy a Service in Grey Matter

  4. Deploy a Multi-Mesh Environment

Take a Step Back

Check out our architecture section to see how all the pieces work together.


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