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Navigate Audit Dashboard

The audit dashboard visualizes data collected from the audit pipeline. The audit dashboard is accessible from the Sense application. Locate the Audits card from the main page and click on the API Endpoint link.

The audit dashboard will open in a separate browser tab.

User Experience

Business decision makers can use the user experience score, which is calculated for requests over a given time range, to quickly understand what most users are experiencing when using a mesh. The rest of the application lets users drill down further into the exact services and routes that impact user experience.

User Activity

All user activity into a mesh is displayed across a given time range. At a glance, a business decision maker can quickly understand when and at what rate users are active. Rollups of information provide quick analysis of the most used routes and services, and the web browsers being used. More granular analysis can be conducted on all routes being requested.

User Audit

Auditors can drill down into individual user activity to determine when a user was interacting with the system for a given time range. Every service route requested, both directly and indirectly, is captured for every user-initiated request.