Grey Matter Documentation

Welcome to Grey Matter documentation. This documentation covers all available features and options for Grey Matter, the intelligent hybrid mesh platform.

Grey Matter is enterprise software that helps organizations manage application strategies built around microservices.


The links below show our most commonly used documentation areas.


Learn about the Grey Matter ecosystem.

Get started using Grey Matter with the following common tasks.

  • Install the Grey Matter CLI

  • Install Grey Matter Locally

  • Service Deployment

  • Multimesh Deployments

  • Mesh Configuration

  • Extend Grey Matter for Custom Use Cases

  • Develop and Debug

  • Use the Grey Matter API

Install Grey Matter with a precompiled binary or from source with the following platforms.

Configure Grey Matter to operate in your environment.

  • Fabric

    • Grey Matter Control

    • Grey Matter Control API

    • Grey Matter Proxy

    • Grey Matter JWT Security

    • If You're Using Consul

  • Data

  • Sense

  • Multi-Mesh

Our reference section contains system requirements, links to our binaries and knowledge base, and compliance information.

Grey Matter reduces complexity so you can grow your business.