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Shared Rules

Shared Rules object

Shared Rules

A shared_rule defines a reusable mapping of traffic between clusters and routes.This can be very simple, or very complex, depending on the need and the stage of deployment. In its most simple setup, any given request is just sent to a single cluster. However, traffic can also be fractionally diverted and/or simultaneously shadowed to alternate clusters.


  • Retry Policies
  • Traffic Splitting
  • Traffic Tap/Shadow

Example Object

  "zone_key": "default-zone",    
  "shared_rules_key": "catalog-shared-rules",    
  "name": "catalog",    
  "default": {        
    "light": [            
        "constraint_key": "",                
        "cluster_key": "catalog-service",                
        "metadata": null,                
        "properties": null,                
        "response_data": {},                
        "weight": 1            
    "dark": null,        
    "tap": null    
  "rules": null,    
  "response_data": {},    
  "cohort_seed": null,    
  "properties": null,    
  "retry_policy": null

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