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Before you begin installing, you will need to install the following prerequisites.

Command Line Tools

  • kubectl, the Kubernetes CLI for interaction with Kubernetes clusters. We support versions 1.21+.
  • git, the Git CLI for interaction with Git repositories. You may already have this on your machine. Check via git --version.
  • jf, the CLI for jFrog (Artifactory), where we store release images and binaries.


  • CUE, the CUE CLI for interacting with configurations written in the CUE language.
  • Lens, an excellent application to easily interact with multiple Kubernetes clusters. Account

You will need a account to gain access to our software. Contact us for more information.

Kubernetes Cluster

Resource Requirements

For a simple dev-test cluster, we recommend 1 to 3 worker nodes with 4 vCPUS and 8GB of RAM each. For a prod-like cluster, we recommend 3 worker nodes (at a minimum) with 8 vCPUs and 16GB of RAM each.


A simple way to get started with Kubernetes, on your local machine, is to use Rancher Desktop. With Rancher Desktop, you can have a Kubernetes cluster up and running quickly, and have tools to make it easy to change allocated CPU and Memory, and reset your cluster back to a ground-zero state.


There are number of cloud-providers that make it easy to set up a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud.

We support:

If you're interested in deploying your own Kubernetes cluster to cloud or on-premise infrastructure, we recommend kOps.

Next Steps

Install on Kubernetes