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Getting the CLI

Getting started with the `greymatter` CLI

The greymatter CLI is the user's primary interface to the Grey Matter mesh.

Install the Grey Matter CLI

Download the latest greymatter CLI for your system.

Extract the binary and move it to somewhere on your system PATH.

Verify your installation of the CLI by running greymatter --version.

Interactive Help

The CLI has many subcommands and flags. Use the --help flag for interactive help.

greymatter --help

Help for individual subcommands is also available.

greymatter SUBCOMMAND --help


greymatter is configurable via flags, environment variables, and a config file. The default path for a config file is $HOME/.config/greymatter/config.toml, but an alternative path can be specified with the --config flag or the GREYMATTER_CONFIG environment variable.

See the CLI Configuration docs for more information.

Next Steps

Get started with local development or use the [operator to install on Kubernetes]/getting-started/operator).